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Between the Gods and Men by Harry KrausBetween the Gods and Men

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Battalion Surgeon Lance Cassity brings emergency medical treatment to the front lines of war, and in the process faces the difficult task of treating friend and foe alike. In a story of forbidden love, Lance confronts betrayal, terrorism, and faith. Can hope be found in the middle of an earthly hell? Can love borne in conflict survive the tension of war and bridge the divide of country and faith?

Surgeon and author, Harry Kraus, MD, pens a gripping novel set in the Second Battle of Fallujah.



One Drop of Me by author Harry KrausOne Drop of Me

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The accidental drowning of her young son shattered Lisa Griffin's perfect life. She finds her own breath again as she writes the gripping narrative of slave
Sally Hemings' relationship with her white master and eventual president, Thomas Jefferson. As she gives Sally the voice she never had, Lisa finds her own way to freedom from an oppressive marriage to an older African American surgeon.

A contemporary rich, white doctor's wife.
A black colonial slave.
Separated by time, race, and money.
United by betrayal. Bonded by tragedy. One in their search for freedom.

This controversial novel dares to explore the complex relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slave, Sally Hemings. Granted, he was "progressive" for his time and advocated abolition of slavery, but he never granted his long time lover, Sally Hemings, her freedom and the children he bore with her, although 7/8th caucasian, were nevertheless, his property. "One Drop of Me" refers to the fact that it only took one drop of black blood to make a person a slave.




Lip Reading by Author Harry KrausLip Reading

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She Could Save Millions, or Save Herself...

She just needs a little longer. She's really close. Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a medical researcher, stands on the verge of a breakthrough that will transform medicine. But she soon discovers the reason behind the miraculous progress in her research, and it leaves her with a nearly impossible choice . . . and little time to decide. More than her research is at stake. And more threatens it than this latest revelation. Something she's tried hard to cover up. There is a high cost to some things in medicine and it's not always the patient who pays. Can Rebecca find the faith and wisdom she needs to make the right call? The clock is ticking and the pressure is on.



An Open Heart by Harry KrausAn Open Heart

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Their Messages—From Beyond the Grave—Might Destroy Him...

They hover between life and death, their hearts stopped on the surgery table. And the messages Dr. Jace Rawlings' open-heart surgery patients bring back from beyond the grave cannot be ignored. For they predict the deaths of people around him, and point a finger of suspicion straight at him.

It thrusts Jace into a firestorm of controversy and danger. A maeltsrom blown by the darker winds of political intrigue and spiritual warfare. And the forces working against him will do anything to stop him from uncovering a truth they will kill to hide. He'd come to Kenya to establish a heart-surgery program for the poor. But what he will find in that place where he grew up will put everything at risk–his marriage, his career . . . his life.



A Heartbeat Away by Harry KrausA Heartbeat Away

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Tori Taylor is a cancer surgeon who finds herself dying on her own operating table. After undergoing a heart transplant, Tori finds herself having memories of a homicide that she didn't witness.

With her new heart, her previously ordered life is cluttered with chaos. Threatening memories, a search for the truth, and a new opportunities for love and faith await.



A Zebra Tale by Harry KrausA Zebra Tale

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The greatest disaster the world has ever known is looming. The catastrophe will drastically change the lives of every creature on earth. Tundi, the young Zebra, gets a vision of the disaster. Will he share the vision with the other Zebras? Can they listen?

Worldreader presents this e-book in a new series showcasing fiction from Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you a worldreader? Read more about this not-for-profit social enterprise at



Six-Liter Club by Harry KrausThe Six-Liter Club  

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In 1983, Camille Weller becomes the first black female doctor at Medical College of Virginia. During her first day on the job, she manages to save a patient who lost six liters of blood---enlisting her in a prestigious surgeons "club." But will flashbacks from her childhood in the Congo paralyze her work---and her faith?

Rave Reviews:

"Surgeon and author Kraus offers his longtime fiction readers a highly charged tale of overcoming prejudice, both racial and sexual...Kraus's story clips along at a fast pace, and his readers will appreciate how candidly the surgeon writer portrays the real world of operating rooms and their attending staffs." - Publishers Weekly



Salty Like Blood by Harry KrausSalty Like Blood

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Dr. David Conner's idyllic life is unraveling! First his 7-year-old daughter is abducted, then his already-troubled marriage gets worse and his medical career disintegrates, forcing him to take a job at a correctional facility. When he meets a particular prisoner, David is faced with a decision---can he forgive his daughter's kidnapper?



Fated Genes by Harry KrausFated Genes

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Brad Forrest is a young, overworked pediatric surgeon who risks losing everything—including his wife and young son—to obtain the career opportunity of his dreams. 

Web Tyson, founder and head of a prestigious pediatric surgery practice, may be the next Surgeon General of the United States—unless the truth comes out about what is happening to infants in Room 525 of the Crestview Women’s and Children’s Health Center. 

And Lenore Kingsley, wealthy president of a huge pharmaceutical company, is using her power to engage in human DNA splicing research and to make Web Tyson the next Surgeon General—for her own dark purposes. 

When these three personalities collide over a strange chain of events, none of them will be the same—and none of them may survive.


Perfect by Harry KrausPerfect

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Wendi Stratford’s job as an accident reconstructionist is just one more enviable reflection of her ideal life. She’s got it all—perfect career, perfect looks, perfect husband, perfect home, perfect faith. There's just one problem: it’s all a sham, right down to her bleached-blonde hair.

So Wendi hatches an impulsive and exhilarating plan to break free of the lie she’s been living—only to watch her hopes die in a terrible accident. But as she sifts through the wreckage, Wendi comes to a shocking conclusion. This was no accident.

The quest is on to learn the truth, but the truth could be deadly. And now someone is leaving Wendi clues at accident scenes, clues that could lead her straight into a killer’s hands. With her life on the line, Wendi must find strength in a faith that until now had been merely an accessory to her storybook life.


Serenity by Harry KrausSerenity

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Nothing exciting ever happens in Serenity, North Carolina. At least, that's what two newcomers to this coastal town are hoping.

Adam, filling a surgical vacancy in the county hospital, wants to find the respect and money he feels he deserves. Beth, a single mom, hopes to heal the wounds from the past and reconnect with her searching teen.

They came seeking solace and a new beginning, but found scandal, the hint of murder, and...the possibility of love.

A story for those who need a reminder that God loves us as we are and not as we pretend to be.


The Chairman by Harry KrausThe Chairman

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Police officer nathan McAllister knows one thing for certain – his life will never be the same. He no longer has a job. His wife Abby has become distant and uncaring. And his entire world now revolves aorund the one question he cannot answer: What really hapened that fateful day in Fisher's Retreat? The official police report states that a drug bust went awry, but he doubts that's the truth. And now his name is being linked with the break-inof the laboratory of Dr. Hannah, Chairman of Surgerey at Brighton University.

As Nathan's suspicions rise, so does his need for the truth. But he has been warned to stopasking questions. Someone somewhere doesn't want him to learn what happened. Yet he soon hears disturbing news that may unravel the entire mystery. All is not well in Fisher's Retreat, and he may now know why. But the greater mystery for Nathan is what hapened to his marriage. Can he convince Abby to fall in love with the new man he's becoming – before it's too late for both of them?


The Stain by Harry KrausThe Stain

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A high-tech researcher, a caring doctor, a dying young woman. All bear the wounds of darkness. At what cost comes the cure?

The newspapers in and around town are shouting the question: Is he a hero, a murderer, or a fool?

Dr. Seth Berringer is wondering himself. In desperation he tried to take things into his own hands – and now those hands are stained with blood.
He's caught in a cover-up with worldwide scientific and spiritual implications. And only the truth can set him free.

Bestselling author Angela Elwell Hunt says, "The Stain is as current as today's headlines yet as eternal as God's truths. Surgeon Harry Kraus has combined his medical expertise with a gripping tale of modern medical mayhem that will keep you up tonight!



Lethal Mercy by Harry KrausLethal Mercy

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Was it medicine? Mercy? Or murder? For the sake of his conscience, and the community in which he practices, he has to find out.

When pregnant Sarah Hampton dies suddenly at an alternative cancer treatment facility, an enraged community demands to know whether her physician-husband assisted her death. Suffering from traumatic amnesia, Jake would like to know too. He is strongly against assisted suicide, and yet his wife was suffering such agony–is it possible...?

Barely avoiding a trial for her murder, hoping to unravel the questions he's not sure he wants answered, Jake joins a medical practice in his former hometown. Once there, he not only continues to encounter public suspicion, but is getting subtle and ever more threatening clues from an unidentified stalker. Are his wife's death and the stalker's appearance mere coincidence? Or is a sinister someone trying to destroy him completely?



Stainless Steal HeartsStainless Steal Hearts

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Surgical resident Matt Stone and two of his friends have uncovered the sercret research of hospital chief surgeon Dr. Simons and a local abortionist. The two doctors are running experiments on aborted fetuses, "stealing" their hearts to give to infants with congenital heart problems.

The pro-choice candidate for governor, Layton Redman, Knows nothing about the research, but he does know that scandal could destroy his campaign. So he arranges an abortion for the unwed staff volunteer who is pregnant with his child. When the woman is involved in a car accident, Matt saves the baby's life. But when Simons discovers that the child is Redman's–one they had planned to use in their research–he seeks to end Matt's career.

Will Matt and his friends gather enough evidence to expose the experiments before Matt gets suspended from practicing medicine? What will happen to Redman's campaign when he learns the baby is alive?